Telling Your Story

One of the primary elements in public relations is having a clear and concise message. What do you want your audience to know? What’s your story?

I often hear people comment that they just don’t know where to start with their story. What information should be included? How much information needs to be included? How do I pull all of my thoughts together to share with the media? And, just when you have an idea and are ready to get started there you sit staring at a blank screen.

Let me tell you that even public relations professionals experience writers block as they look for new and exciting ways to share a client’s message.  Here are a few ways to get over your writers block and get the creativity flowing:

  • Don’t let the blank screen intimidate you. Start jotting down ideas, even if they are not complete sentences. Once you have a few ideas, DO NOT erase any ideas until you’ve finished your writing.  You never know when one line of copy that seemed so ‘out there’ will fit right in.
  • Still not getting any words on paper? Step away from the computer. Take a walk, get something to eat or drink and come back to the task at hand.
  • Talk it thru. Have a conversation with the monitor. It’s ok, no one will tell if you have an elaborate conversation with the monitor. Pretend the screen is your audience and you’ve shared your story. Are they asking the right questions? Do they need more information?

Please take a moment to share your thoughts on overcoming writers block.

About Kirsten Borgstrom
Kirsten Borgstrom is the founder and owner of PubHound Public Relations, LLC, a boutique style public relations firm offering a broad spectrum of public relations and communications services. Prior to launching PubHound Public Relations Kirsten was the Media Relations Manager of Travel Michigan, the official State of Michigan tourism promotion agency and a business unit of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. In addition to public relations and social media efforts, Kirsten was also the executive producer of the Travel Michigan weekly radio program on WJR AM 760. Kirsten grew up in Michigan but has spent a number of years traveling around the world. She is a graduate of Western Michigan University, is married to Joe Borgstrom and has two kids, Kate and Jack.